Now Available For The First Time Ever...

Now You Can Boost Your Confidence To Accomplish What You Want To Do In Your Life, Eliminate Your Personal Shyness, Burst Past Your Old Patterns,
And Achieve Personal Greatness.

One on one personal coaching using
The Physiology of Excellence Technique.

Here's Sara just one year after working with me on the Physiology of Excellence technique.  She's tripled her income and is enjoying the fruits of her labors in her new 2007 BMW convertible. Now you can experience success working with me one-on-one.

All Dreams are built on the foundation of confidence.  What are your dreams?

People that are shy and lack confidence have the same desires as everyone else. But their dreams will remain unfulfilled if they don’t act on them.

Some people will count the following as positive changes coming from self confidence:

• Attend important meetings at work – only this time you are totally relaxed and alert. Willing and able to contribute.

• Approach interesting people at parties and other social gatherings with a genuine smile on your face. You like meeting new people. And people are drawn to you.

• Ask for what you want and know that you are worth it.

• Enjoy the freedom you feel when you are so confident in your beliefs that you are not affected by someone else’s opinion of you, or anything else for that matter.

• Enjoy becoming assertive and expressing your opinion.

• Develop your life’s passion/hobby into a business and love going to work each and every day

• Take care of your weight, physical fitness and looks because now you really know you are worthy of the best.

Whatever your goals are you need to be determined to see them through to the end and stay on course.

Confidence gives you the strength to be determined.

Confidence helps you do what you need to do. And gets you where you want. And confidence will also let you find someone that knows how to do the things you can’t.

You will be met with obstacles on the road to your dreams. A dream worth obtaining is bound to have some challenges.

That’s okay. Because true confidence can not be beaten. And that is what this website is all about.

Today, you will find that your hopes can magically become real.

You will know how to go around, under, over or through anything barring your path to your dreams.

Work With Me One on One And Change Your Life in Any of These Areas!

Weight Loss
Fear and Doubt
Lack of Confidence
Test Anxiety
Fear of Public Speaking

Fear of Public Speaking Gone Forever!

My doctor sent his wife to me once because she was the president of a local woman's organization and she had to give a public speech. She had never spoken publicly before and she was physically sick - almost to the point of terror - at the thought of getting on stage. And she was scheduled to speak that very evening.

One half hour later, the fear was gone. She was laughing about her public appearance.

It is now seven years since I worked with this woman. She speaks publicly all the time now.

What if you could get results like that?

Introducing: The Physiology of Excellence Coaching

I learned this technique many years ago as part of my NLP Practitioner Training. I never thought about it until I discovered that it never appeared in any of the NLP books. That's incredible! How can it be that this is one of the most powerful change techniques known to mankind and no one is aware of it? That staggers the mind.

I have used this technique countless times to help others with great success. 

Sara was a yoga teacher struggling to make ends meet.  She was nearly $15,000 in debt.  When she agreed to be filmed, she was just hanging on.

Now, it's a year later and she's made it.  Her new pride and joy is her BMW convertible and she's socking away cash to make the down payment on her new home.

How would you like to enjoy that kind of success?



The trainer listens as the client describes her goals for the session.

The client demonstrates that this is how she wants to feel  - powerful and in control!

By Popular Demand - One on One Coaching
Over the years I've had hundreds of requests from people wanting to work with me.  I've always turned them down.  But now for the first time, I will accept a limited number of people to work with me one-on-one in one hour sessions on the phone.

Now, some points to consider, I'm willing to work with people who have issues of confidence, shyness, weight loss, procrastination, test anxiety, and fear of public speaking.

This is not psychological counseling.  I am not a therapist.  I am a certified hypnotist and coach.  Many of my clients have attained incredible levels of success.

I will work with you in one-on-one coaching sessions.  These sessions are confidential.  I will record these calls for you alone.  They are for you only and will not be shared by me - ever.

Understand one important time is extremely limited.  I am not looking to fill my schedule with one-on-one calls.  And I reserve the right to remove this offer at any time.

Once you sign up for a call with me, you will be asked to schedule the call with my assistant Sandra.  Calls are during the work day East Coast time and under some exceptional circumstances, in the evenings or on Sundays.

Most issues will be resolved in one phone call.  Some people may desire a second call.  That's up to you.  But I will emphasize - these calls are not psychological counseling or a substitute for counseling.

So, if you are ready to make a breakthrough in your life.  I invite you to sign up here.

The call is $297 for one hour.  You can sign up through Paypal.


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